2017 gave us so many incredible artists and albums, I wanted to put together a List of my top albums of last year along with who I'm most looking forward to in 2018. That's right, 10 great albums, and 10 great new artists! I hope you enjoy the episode and check out everyone I talk about in the episode! I've linked my top 10's in no particular order so you can easily check them out! Happy 2018 everyone.

Next week, back to interviews ;)


Best Albums of 2017


1. Alex Vargas - Cohere

2. Stevie Parker - The Cure

3. Allan Rayman - Courtney (5 Track EP)

4. Charlotte OC - Careless People

5. Coasts - This Life

6. IDLES - Brutalism

7. Leif Erikson - Self-Titled (8 track)

8. Matt Woods - Re: Connection (4 track)

9. Jarryd James - High (released 2016 Discovered 2017) too good not to mention)

10. Meadowlark - Postcards


My Sound of 2018

1. Dermot Kennedy

2. Lyves

3. George Glew

4. James Gillespie

5. Joseph J Jones

6. Keir

7. Mosa Wild

8. Martin Luke Brown

9. PhoxJaw

10. Sigrid


Honourable Mentions

WILDES & Zach Said (These guys I found after recording this episode. You NEED to check them out)


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It happens to everyone. Even if you're not a musician, when you're creating something, at some point it feels like your brain has given up. It Hitting a block on the road can be frustrating and often, the more you try to get through it, the more difficult it can become. Whether it's songwriting, lyrics, arrangments, music - it always handy to have some tools in your back pocket to help yourself when the ideas just aren't flowing.

These are five tips I have put together to help you beat that creative block you may be in the middle of. I hope they help you as they have helped me in the past and still to this day, whatever the problem stopping you from getting your ideas out, these tips and tricks can help to kick-start your mind back into rhythm.


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Personal issues and giving up on 'the dream'. This weak my friend Nick interviews ME! It's not as bad as it sounds though! we talk about what it means to accept change and how it's not always a bad/negative thing. 

I've received a lot of emails asking for an episode about my side of the story and where I come from in a musical sense. Me and Nick started our first band together, we talk about that, right through to my most recent project. There are stories of Glastonbury, watching the world cup with Two Door Cinema Club and Chris Moyles and offending Florence Welch from Florence and the Machine at my FIRST GIG!

There's definitely some good advice on what NOT to do! I hope you enjoy and MERRY CHRISTMAS! 



How to navigate music as a new artist. This week I talk to Elter about music and how to know what you should and shouldn't be doing when it comes to live performance, getting paid and perceptions of the industry. It was a really great chat and a little disarming, or perhaps eye-opening to learn what current 'new artists are concerning themselves with. What is the 'product' and how should it be 'marketing'. It's not all about the music.

Also, Laura has synesthesia (seeing colours in music) and so naturally we talk about that too! 


Criticism, storytelling and finding your sound, this week I talk with Meadowlark about being a musician and the challenges it entails from making choices about music videos, to production choices. Daniel James Broadley and Kate McGill are more than happy to explain how much they appreciate making music and being able to do it for a living. However, they are realists and understand that things can get difficult.

We discuss music, visual connections with music, and all the tough challenges being a full-time musician comes with. It was an eye-openeing conversation and one I've been waiting for a long time to have.


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Edited by Pete Essex


How to be an artist and being your own band. Ethan has spent his life making music and is a booking agent at Midnight Mango. We discuss music and how to navigate the set-backs all artists face in their careers, why being comfortable with yourself and the outcome is important and watching others succeed around you.

Ethan Proctor from Bridges is, simply put, a good guy. His outlook is very matter of fact, I'd say if I didn't know any better, a 'realist'. We talk pop music, marketing, image, social media, touring and feeling like a 'guitarist'. It was an absolute pleasure to have him on the show, I hope you enjoy listening as much as I enjoyed talking to him!

Note: I was extra 'sweary' in this for some reason, apologies if this causes any offence


The truth about touring, good and bad and pay-to-play. I talk with Deaf Havana about being on the road at the start of their tour, supported by Black Foxxes and Decade. Tom and I talk about music, live sound, travelling city to city across the globe and the differences between touring 'back in the day' and now. 

It's been 10 years since Tom and I first met and so seeing him and chatting to him face to face was a joy for me, I got to see some old friends and make this episode for the show, can't be bad! Tom isn't afraid to talk about the things that grate on him when it comes to pay to play, songwriting and performance.  It's about energy, not hitting every single note perfectly.


Building on what was there before and doing things for the right reason. Rory and I go back a way, around 7 or 8 years actually. He is an incredibly talented drummer, drumming in The Bronze Medal and The Ishmal Ensemble, his style is considered and impressive. We talk about a lot of things from his uncle being the drummer in Echo and the Bunnymen, to the difference in the creative process between both projects.

Currently working on a new album with The Bronze Medal and playing live shows with The Ishmal Ensemble, Rory has his hands (and feet) full, it was fascinating to learn more about his love for music and rhythm.


Co-writing, confidence and being creative. Luke is from a different world to me and travels the world writing with other artists and producers. We talk about expectations from the industry, how to collaborate successfully and how supportive roles in music can really make or break a career.  

I’m so thankful to have had this chat and I’m really pleased I get to share it with you! 


Experience and confidence, me and Robin talk about how he fell in love with music production and how went about learning how to play and record songs. 

It's a fantastic talk and I'm thrilled to have him on the show, I hope you enjoy the episode as much as I enjoyed recording it. SORRY it's a day late, I have been a little bit poorly and will try really hard to get back on top of things! Thanks for sticking with me!

Anyway, enjoy! 


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